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Vol. 27, No.1 May 31, 2022

Journal of Economic Research

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ISSN 1226-4261
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ISSN 2713-6418
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No. Title Authors File
News-driven Business Cycles: Evidence from Investors’ Expectations of Future Stock Market Returns Yujie Zhang, Deokwoo Nam 파일다운로드
Does the Change of Price Limit Affect the Volatility in Stock Price? ? Evidence from Korea Eunwoo Song, Jinhyung Cho 파일다운로드
Leontief’s Input-Output Representation of Regression Coefficients Eric Iksoon Im, Sang-Hyop Lee, Tam Bang Vu, Hyun Kyung Kim 파일다운로드
How Large is the Impact of Exports on Economic Growth? Korea from the 1960s through the 2010s Siwook Lee , Seungju Kim 파일다운로드
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