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Journal of Economic Research is published three times a year (issues No. 1, No. 2and No. 3 on May 31, August 31 and November 30, respectively) by the Hanyang Economic Research Institute. The journal provides an outlet for publication in all theoretical and empirical aspects of economics, financial economics and related areas.


Vol. 25, No. 2 August 31, 2020

Journal of Economic Research

· Print :
ISSN 1226-4261
· Online :
ISSN 2713-6418
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Financial constraints and lender selection: An empirical analysis DR. Sumitra Naha and P.O. Rabindra Sarani
Regime changes in uncertainty channel between inflation and output growth Sang-Kuck Chung
Does financial development promote export diversification in Sub-Saharan Africa? Richard Kofi Akoto and Charles Adjasi
Reassessment of diversification effects on market values of banks Jinyong Kim, Yong-Cheol Kim and Yongsik Kim